EY partners with Spaces from IWG for first of its kind hub and spoke workplace collaboration

EY partners with Spaces from IWG for first of its kind hub and spoke workplace collaboration

With the world of work in flux, many global organisations  are looking at how best to meet the evolving needs of their business and their employees. And now, for the first time, Spaces (the sister brand to Regus and part of IWG) is acting as both hub-and-spokefor one of the world’s largest professional service organisations.

IWG’s strategic partnership with EY Norway will see the integration of Spaces with EY’s new HQ in Oslo. All employees across Norway will have access to IWG’s meeting rooms, workstations and coworking facilities across the world, providing the team with considerable flexibility. IWG has 30 years’ experience supporting large companies with flexible solutions such as this, with workstyles to support every type of worker.

A major global employer, EY provides jobs to more than 298,000 people in more than 150 countries. It’s appropriate, therefore, that Spaces Stortorvet 7 will become the largest Spaces in the country when it opens in early 2023. The company has spent the previous 20 years in premises in Bjørvika.

When the building is ready, the top four floors will be allocated to EY, in addition to the flexible office space agreement with Spaces. In the development of the new premises, there will be a real focus on the overall employee and client experience in both the physical and virtual environment, aligned closely with environmentally friendly solutions throughout the whole process.

This includes Breeam certifications and a basement equipped with ‘drive-in’ bicycle parking, fitness facilities and changing rooms. The centre will also include an exclusive roof terrace for EY, plus a bar and restaurant open to the public.

“Our agreement with IWG grants us access to meeting rooms, workstations and coworking facilities in Stortorvet 7... [as well as] access to Spaces’ coworking facilities both in Oslo – and the rest of the world,” explains Christin E Bøsterud, CEO EY Norway.

“Spaces Stortorvet 7 will be an exciting addition to IWG’s global portfolio of office facilities in more than 1,100 cities and suburbs,” says Thomas Weeden, country manager of Norway and Finland at IWG. “As one of the pioneers in flexible workplaces, we are uniquely positioned to help companies in a new way of working in an international network.”

“We’re proud that EY chose Stortorvet 7 as its new headquarters in Oslo, and not least that we have managed to develop a general partnership between EY, Spaces and Schage to meet the need EY has for changes in office requirements going forward,” adds Egil Svoren, CEO of Schage Eiendom AS.

Both EY and Spaces are collaborating closely with landlord Schage Eiendom AS on the project.

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