Flexible Regus Workspace Comes to Libreville, Gabon

Flexible Regus Workspace Comes to Libreville, Gabon

IWG’s new flexible Regus workspace makes hybrid work a reality for Gabon’s thriving business sector.

Business is moving fast in Gabon and IWG has responded by opening a new flexible workspace in the country’s capital, Libreville. The new location, part of IWG’s expansion across Africa, opens amid positive forecasts for economic growth in the country, with a projected GDP growth of 3.4% in 2023.

From start-ups to established local and international businesses, organisations of all kinds are keen to make the most of the opportunities within the country, and IWG is excited to support them with a new, high-quality, flexible workplace.

The growth of hybrid working and employee flexibility in Gabon reflects a wider movement across the continent, as Africa joins a global shift in ways of working. According to Pulse Ghana, job seekers in the region increasingly have “a base-level expectation of hybrid or flexible work options, reflecting the shift within the workforce towards better work-life balance and employee well-being.” As a result, IWG's new Regus workspace is perfectly timed to unlock the benefits of hybrid working for Libreville and the wider region.

Alexandre Bignet, IWG Sales Director Gabon, explains this new Regus workspace is part of the company’s planned network expansion across the continent, and beyond. “Our opening in Gabon comes at a time when more and more companies are discovering that hybrid working boosts employee happiness and satisfaction, while also helping boost profits,” he said.

“Our workplace model is proven to increase productivity and allows for a business to change location with a significantly lower cost model - another perfect aspect for Gabon, with its rapidly growing business community.”

Companies across the world share Bignet’s view, with 82% of CFOs believing hybrid is a more affordable business model, thanks to the reduction on overheads offered by smaller, scalable, flexspaces. Hybrid employees end up happier too, with shorter journeys to workspaces reducing the time workers spend commuting and bringing a better work/life balance. 

IWG will continue to expand its network of flexible office locations to meet growing demand for the facilities, both in Africa and throughout the rest of the world. With 3,500 flexible office locations in more than 120 countries, there are plans in place to add 1,000 further locations in the next 12 months.

Whatever the location, find out more about how IWG is helping organisations take advantage of the demand for flexible working.