Is this the future of work?

Is this the future of work?

Has the world of work changed forever? Are we all ‘hybrid workers’ now? And is the time of the traditional office HQ over?

As the world begins to pull itself upright, businesses are looking for ways to operate and innovate within the new normal. In some parts of the world, shops and offices are reopening and a portion of non-key workers are starting to commute again. However, further restrictions are being rolled out in other parts, where the future looks ever more uncertain.

In the same way that wide-scale remote working was sparked by a wholesale departure from the workplace, those who are returning will experience unprecedented changes. We’ve proven that flexible work patterns can be successful, so creating permanent workspace mobility is the next frontier. 

Companies’ requirements in the new world of work will be ever evolving, with changes ranging from enhanced cleaning to fluctuating space needs. One thing is clear: businesses will need to revisit how the office serves them.

In our exclusive, free white paper, How workspace mobility can help your business navigate the new normal, we explore this new world of work and examine why and how workplace mobility better serves employees. There are office space recommendations to help businesses thrive, as well as tips for how best to take your organisation forward safely and confidently.

The white paper also answers the following questions, and more:

  • What will the long-term effect of the pandemic be on the global workforce?
  • What challenges are staff and companies facing as we enter 2021?
  • How can businesses keep people safe at work?
  • Do you need to redesign your office?
  • What happens if there are further pandemic waves, lockdowns or other unrelated crises?
  • What is flexible office space and how could it help my business?
  • What solutions does IWG offer to help me and my business today?

Looking to the future and wondering how flexspace could help your business thrive? Download our free whitepaper for the full story, insights and expert analyses