IWG opens its first flexible workspace in Tripoli, Libya

IWG opens its first flexible workspace in Tripoli, Libya

As Libya’s first ever Regus centre opens in Tripoli – with three more to follow in the country – this local partner is optimistic about the future of global business in his homeland

Libya – a region rich in natural resources – is facing a bright future after a decade of uncertainty. International businesses are once again looking to invest in the country, an optimism shared by Elkamel Elgsayer, whose company signed in November 2020 to open four new Regus centres in the country by 2024.

But Elgsayer – the acting business consultant for IWG franchises, who is assisting IWG franchise partner Alhareth Ghattour in opening the country’s first ever centre in Tripoli in early summer – believes now is the right time for the leading flexspace company to break into the Libyan market.

Albaher Amutawest company, whose diverse business portfolio includes investments in real estate, car rental, office equipment and coffee shops, sees this new political era as an ideal opportunity to attract these returning firms to the Tripoli Regus centre. Elgsayer claims it’s not just the country’s well-known oil and gas sector that they are targeting – he sees NGOs, the aviation industry and SMEs as potential customers, too.

IWG’s reputation as the world’s largest flexspace provider will also bring clients to the centre when it opens. After all, it was the trust that businesses have in the brand and IWG’s worldwide experience in similar markets which led to the franchise partnership in the first place.

“IWG will be the only international flexspace brand in Libya when we open,” says Elgsayer. “There is some local competition, but this centre will be the first of its kind in the market, and that gives us an opportunity to compete against smaller providers.”

He describes the Tripoli outpost, which is located very close to the city’s centre, in the Al Serraj district, as a “one-stop shop”, offering all the facilities a business needs to grow under the same roof – including high-speed broadband and world-class meeting rooms.

Elgsayer says his team is busy recruiting staff and are looking to start with a small team, including a country manager and community manager. It’s been hard work to meet the opening deadline they have set, but he is confident it is achievable. He is also optimistic about the opening of Libya’s next three Regus centres, and is looking to expand in other cities such as Benghazi, Misrata, Tobruk and Sabha.

Elgsayer says IWG has been incredibly supportive throughout the process, communicating on a daily basis via email, calls or meetings. The company’s 30-year experience in the sector means Elgsayer has received expert advice and help in meeting any challenges along the way.

“I am always ambitious, despite the circumstances,” he says. “We believe there is a gap in the market in Libya and the country is now where it should be. We have a good relationship locally with customers who know us already from other businesses, and our association with IWG will help us win international clients and grow.”

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