Marie-Stella-Maris develops productivity fragrance for Spaces

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – Coworking provider Spaces and lifestyle brand Marie-Stella-Maris are co-launching a room spray that enhances productivity in the working environment. The fragrance is called No.10 Spirit de Travail (or spirit of work), pointing to Spaces’ unique approach to designing inspiring workspaces and Spaces’ 10th anniversary earlier this year.


Research by Gary E. Schwartz from the University of Arizona shows that negative feelings like irritation, annoyance and stress can be countered by smell, which can stimulate positive emotions such as happiness, relaxation and productivity. As a pioneer in the modern ways of working this research prompted Spaces to create a room spray that could boost productivity, creativity and positivity in their coworking spaces. No.10 Spirit de Travail stimulates a worker’s sense of smell to make the user feel more at ease, ultimately boosting their productivity.


Spirit de Travail was developed by the fragrance experts at Marie-Stella-Maris and consists of a combination of citrus notes from Calabrian bergamot and ingredients like cinnamon bark, vetiver and sandal wood.

“As brands we connected instantly,” according to Frederique Keuning, co-founder and creative director of Spaces, “so developing the scent went really quick.” Spirit de Travail will be used at all Spaces across the globe. The aim is for the common scent to allow Spaces members to feel even more at home, no matter where they may be working.


The partnership between Spaces and Marie-Stella Maris was a natural fit. The brands share key core values, including a modern, stylish aesthetic and a desire to create social impact. Marie-Stella-Maris for example, donates a fixed amount from every sale to fund their social mission, ‘clean water for everyone, worldwide’.


No.10 Spirit de Travail is available as room spray (50ml) and as scent diffuser (240ml). The products are available for purchase at Spaces locations in the Netherlands, in the Marie-Stella-Maris flagship store in Amsterdam, and will be internationally available online via Room spray (50ml) retails at €15 and the scent diffuser (240ml) at €39.



Spaces celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. A pioneer in coworking and flexible office space, in 10 years, Spaces has grown from a single location in Amsterdam to a worldwide market leader with 180 locations across the Americas, Europe, Oceania, Asia and Africa. Spaces aims to open its 250th location next year.

Spaces is a creative work environment with a unique entrepreneurial spirit. Our dynamic workspaces help you think, create and collaborate – while our team makes sure you feel welcome.

We believe work is about people and ideas. Technology has created a modern economy, driven by empowered individuals. This informs the way we develop inspiring workspaces – with a love for design, and where our energetic team takes care of all the details so you can focus on developing your next big idea.

Our culture is built on the energy of our community – interesting people doing exciting things. Say hello to someone new at our events, to help you connect with the buzz around you. It’s all geared toward expanding your networks and connecting you with like-minded members to link up and share ideas.

Whether you’re a small business, entrepreneur or working for a corporation, we provide more than just a place to plug in your laptop. What really makes Spaces unique is the community we’ve worked to cultivate – full of forward thinkers, innovators and game changers who love what they do.


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Marie-Stella Maris is an Amsterdam-based lifestyle brand that is committed to creating access to clean drinking water all over the world. The brand offers natural mineral water, natural care products and luxurious house perfumes. For every sale, Marie-Stella-Maris donates a fixed amount to support clean drinking water projects. The brand has already made more than 800,000 euro available and has helped thousands of people to clean drinking water.